Administrative Structure:

The Office is headed by the Assistant Director of Food & Civil Supplies. Under the establishment, all office works and documentation are done by the HA and the ministerial staffs.
As the Department looks after the Public Distribution System (PDS) and other essential commodities, the ADS is assisted by one Senior Inspector, Inspector, Sub-Inspectors and Store-Keepers for different Public Distribution Centres (PDCs). Presently, the District is covered by eight (8) PDCs namely- Mokokchung HQ, Kobulong PDC, Chuchuyimlang PDC, Changtongya PDC, Tuli PDC, Mangkolemba PDC (including Merangmen block), Alongkima PDC and Longchem PDC.

Contact information.

  1. Shri. Lipoknungsang, ADS: 9436017475
  2. Smti. Jongmanungla HA: 9612582799
  3. Shri. Allen Imchen Sr. Inspector 9436609959
  4. Shri. Imoonen SK, HQ 7005123951
  5. Smti. Aotila SK, Kobulong 8131062060
  6. Smti. Meyisenla SK, Chuchuyimlang 9862813827
  7. Smti. Watimenla SIS, Changtongya 8131911575
  8. Shri. Supongnungsang SK, Changtongya 8732005512
  9. Smti. Mezennaro IS, Tuli 8787887904
  10. Shri. T. Yanger SK, Tuli 8257018169
  11. Shri. Rongsennungba SK, Mangkolemba 9862950680
  12. Shri. Imkongnukshi SK, Alongkima 9436652447
  13. Shri. Temjenwapang SK, Longchem 9862150828

Sub-Offices of the Department in the District.

Apart form the District Office, there are no such Sub-Offices of the Department but all the PDCs has different Godown for storage of foodgrains at their Administrative Centres.

Citizen’s Charter.

The Department has not formulated a particular citizen’s charter but works under the directives of TPDS (Targeted Public Distribution System) and its Control Order, and above all the National Food Security Act (NFSA) 2013.

Services provided.

Presently, the Department provides Rice, Sugar and SK Oil to its beneficiaries.

Schemes implemented.

  1. Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)
  2. All the AAY ration card holders are provided 35 kgs of Rice per month.


  • Priority Household (PHH)

Under PHH all the household members are entitled for 5 kg of rice per month.
(Both AAY & PHH rice are distributed at highly subsidized rate of Rs. 3/- per Kg)


  • Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO)

All the ration card holders are provided two (2) litres of SK Oil per month.

  • PDS Sugar.

Prior to this PDS sugar scheme, the GOI was providing Levy Sugar at highly subsidized rate. Now after examination by GOI for the coverage of the scheme for the financial year 2017-18, both AAY & PHH ration card holders will receive 1 kg of sugar per month at Government prescribed rate.

Existing Ration Cards:

AAY – 5500 PHH – 26160