How to Reach

Mokokchung is your destination for those who prefers a serene atmosphere to unwind your tired body and soul. It is surrounded with exquisite landscapes filled with abundance of lush evergreen flora; naturally air-conditioned, beautiful sunrise and sunsets.

If you don’t like the hustles, bustles, heat and the chaotic noises in the plains, visit Mokokchung district which is tucked away just a couple of rides away from the valleys.

The moment one travels deeper into the district territory, busy and frenetic activities in the cities would suddenly be replaced with calm, fresh, cool mountain air and gurgling sounds of fresh waters flowing down in its gorges on your hilly rides.

The main town in the district which is also called Mokokchung town is in the centre most location of the district. Travelers from outside has to pass through Mokokchung town to reach most of the other districts in Northern part of Nagaland.

Mokokchung is altogether a different world unlike the usual hustle, bustle, heat and noise of the plain area. The moment one travels deeper into the district territory, a traveller will be greeted by its fresh and cool mountain air and gurgling sound of mountain spring waters flowing down its gorges. The mountains are filled with lush evergreen flora, calm and exotic sceneries.

Being a hilly district, there is no railways or airport inside the district. But the district has well connected road transport system. The nearest rail head and airbase is located in the state of Assam which is not far away from the district. To travel around the district road is the only option.

For the information of travellers, brief informations are provided below on how to reach Mokokchung.

Nearest Airport:

The nearest airport from Mokokchung is at Jorhat (Assam). From the airport to Mokokchung district headquarter is around 112 kms. There are daily flights to this airport from many major cities of India.

Next is Dimapur (Nagaland) airport, it is located at a distance of 212 km from Mokokchung town. This is the only airport in the state of Nagaland and is well connected with various cities in the country like New Delhi, Kolkata and Guwahati.

Nearest Railway Station:

Mariani Junction (Assam) is the nearest railhead from  Mokokchung District. It is  set roughly at a distance of 86.4 km from Mokokchung district headquarter

Suggestion to reach Mokokchung:

To visit Mokokchung, one can travel by air till Jorhat (Assam) and take a hired taxi or daily Tata Sumo services.

If one travels by train , Mariani (Assam) is the nearest railway station. From here one may hire a private passenger vehicle or a shared taxi Tata Sumo) which will approximately take 3 to 4 hours of journey through lush evergreen hills.

If one prefers to take the journey from Dimapur (Nagaland) there are plenty of Buses (Day/night) and shared Tata Sumo (taxis) services to Mokokchung and it will approximately take around 6 to 8 hours.

Daily direct night bus services of Blue Hills and Network Travels are also available from Guwahati to Mokokchung town and vice versa. 

Entry Permits :

As Nagaland falls under restricted area, a visit to Mokokchung, Nagaland require a tourists to obtain Inner Line permit. This is due to region’s sensitive location bordering Bhutan, China, and Myanmar. The guidelines provided by Nagaland Tourism Department is given below:

Foreign Tourists

Foreign Tourists no longer need Protected Area Permit (PAP) to visit Nagaland since January 2011. However; they are to register with the Foreigner’s Registration Officer (FRO) of the District they visit or the nearest Police Station within 24 hours of their arrival.

Domestic tourists should obtain the Inner Line Permit issued by the authorities mentioned below.

Indian Nationals (ILP)

  • The Deputy Residential Commissioner,Nagaland House New Delhi Phone: +9111 23012296/23793673.
  • The Deputy Residential Commissioner,Nagaland House Kolkatta Phones: 913322825247/26
  • Deputy Residential Commissioner,Guwahati Phone: +91 361 2332158. Fax: +91 361 2333859
  • The Deputy Commissioner Dimapur Phone: +91 36862 226530. Fax: +91 3682 230613
  • The Deputy Commissioner Kohima Phone: +91 370 2290666. Fax: +91 370 229035
  • The Deputy Commissioner Mokokchung Phone:+91 369 2226231; Fax:91 369 2226055