District Education Officer


District Education Office hierarchy


Contact Information

 Sl. No.  Officer  Contact No.
1 District Education Officer 9612921462
2 Asst. District Education Officer 9862865083

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Sub-Officers of the Department in the District

 Sl. No.  Officer
1 Sub-Divisional Education Officer, Mokokchung
2 Sub-Divisional Education Officer, Changtongya
3 Sub-Divisional Education Officer, Mangkolemba


The department of school education has two laws:

    1. The right to information Act (RTE) 2009.
    2. The right to information Act, 2005 that serve to protect the right of the citizens.

Besides the constitutional laws and service rules, the RTI and RTE Acts define the proper functioning of the department and serve to promote transparency, accountability and Justice at the different levels of the department.


    1. All schemes taken up by the Directorate of School Education are implemented at the District level by the District Education office. All scholarship schemes, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA ), Rashtriya Shiksha Madhyamik Abhiyan (RMSA) and Mid Day Meal (MDM) scheme which are all centrally sponsored schemes are implemented by the District Education office


    The District Education Office is responsible for monitoring educational, Administration and Legal activities for schools in the district under the department of education, government of India. All official correspondence issued by the Directorate of school education and addressed to the District education officer are disseminated to the concerned schools and government employees by the officer proposals and other official application letters submitted the schools and addressed to the Directorate, the District education officer who examines and forwards the letters. The District Education Officer who heads the District education office oversees and ensures the successful implementation of all government schemes and programmes at the district level and is empowered to report to higher authority and even initiate disciplinary action against any erring district staffs.