Ungma village

Ungma (Soyim) is the oldest and largest Village in the District, located about 3 kms from Mokokchung town. The village has more than 1000 households.

Legends has it that the Ao people first settled in Ungma after coming from their ancestral home at Chungliyimti (the origin of Ao people as per folklore). At present Chungliyimti falls under Sangtam Naga Territory.

It is from this village that the Aos have migrated to different places in the district and formed their own villages. The village is divided into two major parts (Khels), the upper part of the village is called as Yimpang (North) and the lower part is called Yimlang (South).

The majestic Baptist Church stands in the middle of the village, behind the church, an amphitheatre and the office of the village council are located. Although the people in the village are very modern and well educated, they have not forgotten their rich Ao culture and traditions.

The major festivals of Ao tribe (Moatsu & Tsungremmong) are celebrated every year in full traditional dances and songs in this village. Moatsu is celebrated in the first week of May and Tsungremmong is observed in the first week of august.

If one plans to visit this village, it will be more convenient to stay in Mokokchung town and take a bus or shared taxi or hired taxi to the village. It is hardly 3 to 10 kms from Mokokchung town depending upon from which location of the town that one plans to take the trip.


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How to Reach :

By Air

The nearest airport is located at Jorhat (Assam) which is about 110 kms

By Train

The nearest railhead is located at Mariani (Assam) which about 85 kms

By Road

The nearest railhead is located at Mariani (Assam) which about 85 kms from Mokokchung town