Mokokchung is your destination for those who prefers a serene atmosphere to unwind your tired body and soul. It is surrounded with exquisite landscapes filled with abundance of lush evergreen flora; naturally air-conditioned, beautiful sunrise and sunsets.

If you don’t like the hustles, bustles, heat and the chaotic noises in the plains, visit Mokokchung district which is tucked away just a couple of rides away from the valleys.

The moment one travels deeper into the district territory, busy and frenetic activities in the cities would suddenly be replaced with calm, fresh, cool mountain air and gurgling sounds of fresh waters flowing down in its gorges on your hilly rides.

The main town in the district which is also called Mokokchung town is in the centre most location of the district. Travelers from outside has to pass through Mokokchung town to reach most of the other districts in Northern part of Nagaland.